Frequently Asked Questions

How does the virtual ticket work?

Some time after the conference ends, you’ll receive a username and password to log in to our online conference portal. Videos and resources from sessions will be available on that site.

Is it streaming video? Will I be able to watch later?

It’s not streaming. You won’t be able to watch live during the event. We’ll be recording video and audio to be uploaded later. After the videos are uploaded and you receive your username and password, you can watch them any time.

How long are the videos available through the virtual ticket?

We’re calling it “lifetime access.” As long as the event organizer (Matt) has a presence online, he won’t be taking those videos down.

If I attend in person, do I get access to the session videos too?

You bet. You’ll get a username and password as well.

I signed up for a virtual ticket and purchased books. How will I get them?

We’ll mail books to you as soon as possible.

I’m trying to register and the form says my submission is “blacklist spam.” Help!

Very sorry about that. We’re trying to fix that error. You might try registering from a different device. If that doesn’t work, just email and we’ll get it figured out!

I saw somewhere that there won’t be Internet/WiFi. Is that true?

Yes and no. We’re billing this conference as “an analog conference for a digital world.” The venue for the conference will have Internet available, but it likely won’t be able to support all the people at the conference. You can try to access cellular data with your cell phone, but it’s pretty remote and cell service is spotty. Count on having no Internet and you won’t be disappointed! 🙂

For real? Why no Internet?

For one, some of the best presentations keep our eyes glued to what’s happening in the presentation room. We’re planning on having amazing presentations where you won’t even feel the need to use your devices.

No distractions. No emergency emails. Total focus.

This is crazy. How will the presenters present?

Presentation rooms will be equipped for projecting presentations (projectors, screens and speakers). Arrangements will be made for recording presentations. However, special arrangements won’t be made for presenters to use Internet. They can use slides, but any media will need to be saved locally on their machines. (i.e. screenshots of websites, video files of anything to demonstrate, presentation slides themselves, etc.)

Where is the conference being held?

The Ditch That Conference will be held at Turkey Run State Park, one of Indiana’s most popular and visited state parks. The event will be headquartered in the Turkey Run Inn, a scenic venue nestled among the trails and woods of the state park. Turkey Run State Park is outside Marshall, Indiana, in scenic Parke County, the covered bridge capital of the world.

What will the presentations be like?

Matt, the event organizer, has been calling in favors left and right to fill the schedule up with amazing presenters. Each session will be 50 minutes, but it won’t be 50 minutes of “sit and get” lecture-style presentation. It’s a three-part approach:

  • Presenter gives you some information and ideas
  • You get time to collaborate with others and ask questions
  • You share your own experience and ideas

How collaborative will this conference be?

VERY! We know that many times, the best part of a conference is the people that are there. Here’s how we’re baking plenty of collaboration in:

  • Each presentation will include a time for you and other attendees to share ideas, ask questions and just generally talk about the topic.
  • You’ll be encouraged to jot your big takeaway ideas on sticky notes while you’re in the session. We’ll take time at the end of the conference to look back over everyone’s sticky note inspiration!
  • We’ll have a debriefing session at the end where everyone can share what they’ve learned and what they want to do with it at the end. You’ll leave with solid plans instead of being overwhelmed.
  • Tribe sessions! After lunch, we’ll have a 30-minute session where like-minded teachers will congregate in subject-area or grade-level groups to share ideas and talk.

Why are you having a conference at a state park?

In part, because it’s gorgeous. We think Turkey Run State Park is a hidden gem of the Midwest. We’ll put the beauty of nature on center stage in a few ways:

  • At least one session per time slot will be held outdoors!
  • We’ll offer “Walk and Talk” sessions. The park has amazing hiking trails. You can take a whole 50-minute presentation time to walk and talk with colleagues about your big plans or what you’ve learned at the conference.
  • We’ll do a group hike through the park’s trails the afternoon before the conference (for anyone who’s there early).